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Unicancer research governance

Unicancer research is organised around two departments:

A Research & Development Department, and a Data and Partnerships Department. Each of these departments is managed by a dedicated, committed and supportive team.

Muriel DAHAN

R&D Director

A pharmacist by training, currently an IGAS inspector, Dr Muriel Dahan was Director of Recommendations and Medicines at INCa and is a member of the French National Academy of Pharmacy. A qualified member of the Conseil Stratégique des Industries de Santé, she has also worked for the French Ministry of Health, as General Pharmacist for Public Health and Advisor to the Cabinet for Health Products and Industries, Biology and Pharmacy. Since the beginning of January 2023, she has held the position of Director of Research and Development at Unicancer.

Esmeralda PERREIRA, Executive Assistant

Béata JUZYNA – R&D

Associate Director

Beata is an engineer in Life Sciences and Techniques from the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers and a quality auditor in the pharmaceutical industry. For more than 20 years, she has worked in international service companies, international bio-technology companies and for the last 10 years at Unicancer to focus on academic research.

Isabelle TIXIER, Executive Assistant

Tumor Groups

UCBG – French Breast Cancer Intergroup

Jérôme LEMONNIER, Clinical Program Lead

UCGI – Gastro-Intestinal Group

Laure MONARD, Clinical Program Lead

GETUG – Genitourinary Group

Catherine LEGER, Clinical Program Lead

HEAD & NECK – Head and Neck Cancer Group

Laure MONARD, Clinical Program Lead

Sarcoma and Rare Cancers Group

Marta JIMENEZ, Clinical Program Lead

Cross-Pathology Groups

IOG – Immuno-Oncology Group

Assia LAMRANI-GHAOUTI, Clinical Program Lead

GERICO – Oncology Geriatrics

Claire DUMAS, Clinical Program Lead

MED PERSO – Personalised Medicine Group

Marta JIMENEZ, Clinical Program Lead

SDS AFSOS – Supportive Care Intergroup

Claire DUMAS, Clinical Program Lead

UNITRAD – Translational Research and Development in Oncology Radiation

Assia LAMRANI-GHAOUTI, Clinical Program Lead

Anne-Laure MARTIN

Data & Partnerships Director

After 30 years of experience in clinical research, first in the private sector (pharmaceutical companies) and then at Unicancer where she was Director of Clinical and Translational Research, Anne-Laure became head of the Data and Partnerships Department created in 2020.

Gaëtane SIMON, Executive Assistant

Corinne GAMET, Executive Assistant

Mathieu ROBAIN

Scientific Director

Data Department

Lise BOSQUET, Responsable du Pôle Projets Scientifiques

Charlotte HERLIN, Head of Centre Operations

Alexandre VANNI, Deputy Director in charge of the DOSI-DM Division

Development and Partnerships Department

Goulven THEZE, Head of Partnerships and Research Innovation

Marie DENIAU, Head of Business Management RWD

Aude SIRVEN, Strategic Programmes Development Manager

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