Unicancer Partnerships Department : we are your academic partner of choice in oncology research

Unicancer Research Department is a unique-in France, mutualised research organisation dedicated to increasing knowledge about cancer and its response to treatment, to optimising therapeutic strategies and to accelerating patient access to innovative treatments.

To serve this goal, our ambition is to develop customised mutually beneficial partnerships with public and private stakeholders involved in oncology research both in France and internationally, and to createnew networks structured around innovation.

We believe that our extensive network of experts and scientific collaborations, our clinical and translational research portfolio, our technical and RWD platforms, as well as our integrated structure and our independence conferred by the private yet non-commercial status, put Unicancer in the best position to address your research challenges

Anne-Laure MARTIN, Data & Partnerships Director

About our charity partners

We are in close long-term partnerships on shared axes of research with the French Cancer League and the ARC Foundation, two non-profit organisations that subsidise cancer research.